Do I Really Want To Quit My Job?

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Every morning, I stare at my clock in horror. It’s time to start my 9–5.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to leave my job. I used to sit for hours to dream about the digital nomad lifestyle. I wished I had all the money in the bank to live my dreams.

If all I needed to quit my job was to dream, my life would be perfect. But life is not perfect and dreams don’t pay the bills.

It’s easy to dream. It’s easy to say “I hate my job” a thousand times. It’s easy to blame everyone for my dissatisfaction except the real culprit — me.

I’ve asked myself some hard questions recently to know if I’m ready to quit.

  • If I quit my job today, will I survive?
  • How much have I saved or invested to live a comfortable life for one year?
  • Do I have a clear action plan to leave my job and sustain myself financially afterwards?
  • What have I achieved so far with my action plan?
  • Do I have a plan B?
  • Am I okay with being broke if my plan A or B doesn’t work?

These questions keep me awake at night.

I have an action plan and I’m working on my action plan. But if plan A or B doesn’t work, I don’t want to be broke. I’ve been broke before and it was a terrible experience.

I quit my previous job a few years ago to chase the entrepreneur’s dream. But I went back to full-time employment a year later; I was tired of being broke. I was tired of trying to live the dream. Being broke was not for me. Maybe I was wrong to go back. Or maybe I didn’t have the guts to stick with it until I found success.

Today, I’m stuck to a job I don’t want and even if I’m grateful I have a job, I can’t wait to walk away. But this desire means nothing if I don’t do anything about it.

Bottom line: if I want to live the life I want, I need to plan for it. I need to work for it.

I’ve dreamed long enough. It’s time to start taking action.

I can’t expect to only gain clarity through planning. I need to also gain clarity from working on my plan.

To every dreamer out there who stares sadly through the office window, it’s time for you to work on your dream.

You’ll gain clarity as you continue.

If you’re sick of your job and can’t wait to leave, have a dream. And don’t just dream, work towards it.

Don’t stay stuck in a life you don’t want.

Words from a girl who was too scared to dream but is living her dream anyway.

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